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FME to BNC Adaptor


“FME-BNC adaptor which allows VHF antenna to connect to BNC style VHF connections such as those used on AIS transponders.”

FME to TNC Adaptor


“FME-TNC adaptor to connect a GPS antenna to one of our AIS Class B transponders.”

FME to PL259 Adaptor


“FME to PL259 adaptor allows any VHF antenna with FME connector to fit Class A AIS systems or any system with PL259 style connection.”

N Type Male for LMR400


“N type connectors for LMR400 cable as used on our WL510 hi power wifi internet access system and for the 10 and 20m cables for 4GConnect.”

N Type Female for LMR400


“N type Female connectors for LMR400 cable.”