Accurate information on weather conditions is essential to ensure safety at sea and maximise performance. A wind sensor plays a key role in providing reliable data on wind speed and direction.

Digital Yacht offers a choice of :

WND100 wind sensor with NMEA0183 interface.

iSeaSense, a complete pack of instruments for sailing boats with wind, speed, temperature and depth sensors, based on an NMEA 2000 network and featuring Wi-Fi connectivity.

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iSeaSense – Wireless Depth Speed Temp & Wind Pack


“Digital Yacht iSeaSense is a new range of complete marine instrumentation packs based on NMEA 2000 and wireless connectivity. This pack includes depth, speed, temperature transducer plus wind sensor.”

WND100 – Wind Sensor

From: 474,00

“Rugged and Cost Effective NMEA0183  or NMEA 2000 Wind Transducer”